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Bureau Veritas : de nouvelles règles pour la propulsion vélique

Marine Marchande

Modern rules for wind propulsion systems

Paris La Défense, 15 March 2021 - Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification, has released new-generation classification rules for wind propulsion systems. These rules will help support and drive the development of zero carbon propulsion options for modern ships. 

The new Bureau Veritas rule notation for WIND PROPULSION SYSTEMS (WPS) – NR 206, builds on pre-existing BV rules released in 1987. Now two new notations have been issued to provide the classification requirements for modern wind powered ships: WPS 1 for standing rigging and WPS 2 for standing and running rigging. Both provide load cases and coefficients for all types of wind propulsion technologies including free-standing rigs, wing sails, kite sails, and wind