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MacGregor, part of Cargotec, sells the majority shares of Woodfield Systems Ltd. Woodfield became part of MacGregor in January 2014, when MacGregor acquired mooring and loading systems unit from Aker Solutions. Woodfield offers onshore loading customers marine loading arms for fluid transfer of crude oil, refined products, chemicals LPG and LNG. Due to the different clientele, Woodfield has been a stand-alone brand within MacGregor.   "MacGregor is pleased with this agreement with Woodfield management who is buying the majority of the shares of the company. The agreement supports our strategy to focus on our core business and its development," says Pasi Lehtonen, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Business Development and Strategy, MacGregor. "This move also allows Woodfield to fully concentrate on their core business and supporting their customers." The present 60 employees will all transfer with the agreement and Woodfield continues to serve its onshore loading customers with the high quality products and services, as before. 

Communiqué de MacGregor, 27/04/2017

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