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Rolls-Royce Power Systems is strengthening its activities to expand the digital services for the customers. Therefore the digital solutions team will be doubled in size by the end of 2018 to 80 members. Since the beginning of 2018, experts have been working hand-in-hand in different time zones at MTU Customer Care Centers across three locations - Singapore, Friedrichshafen, Germany and Novi, Michigan, US - to provide round-the-clock support in order to ensure that customers get optimum levels of availability from their MTU propulsion systems. The new Digital Solutions division and the new Customer Care Centers are part of the current drive by Rolls-Royce Power Systems to transform its global customer service. “With our service and digital strategy, we intend to deliver an exceptionally high customer-focused improvement in both our services and our products,” said Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “The aim of this transformation process is to support our customers as a complete solutions provider.”

First MTU Go! products on board 

“We are developing digital products and services that are going to generate significant customer benefits,” said Jürgen Winterholler, the man who leads the Digital Solutions division. MTU Go! Act and MTU Go! Manage, the first digital tools to be introduced, are already being tested in a number of vessels. Connecting up the systems via data loggers will enable both MTU experts and customers to monitor the engines remotely, schedule maintenance work and determine the availability of spare parts, analyse operating data and derive what action is to be recommended to improve the use and operation of products. “Cyber security and data protection have been assigned the highest priority. This is an area where we also benefit from the experience gained in the course of the last 20 years by Rolls-Royce in the aerospace industry,”Winterholler added.

MTU Value Care Agreements secure availability

“As a result of the interplay between our new service agreements, new digital tools and the Customer Care Centers, the customer is provided with a complete peace-of-mind package,” said Matthias Vogel, Executive Vice President Service, Network and Business Development at Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “Customers benefit in terms of the reliability, operational efficiency and maximum service life of their propulsion system – we take care of all that to ensure that customers can concentrate on their own core business.” The experts in the Customer CareCenters work closely coordinated with the Digital Solutions team. Preventative maintenance work is scheduled to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Maintenance intervals are coordinated and an optimised, transparent cost structure is in place guaranteeing the reliability and availability of engines and systems.

Navigazione Laghi relies on digital customer support from MTU

The Italian lakes ferry service Navigazione Laghi has already had positive experience with the new digital tools from MTU. With a total of 97 boats providing services on Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, Navigazione Laghi operates the largest fleet on Italian inland waterways and has around 100 MTU engines in service. “There are two aspects that make MTU Go! Manage extremely interesting for us,” said Alessandro Acquafredda, General Director of Navigazione Laghi.“Firstly, we have access to all the data relating to consumption and the engine’s operating status reliably and near to real-time and, secondly, it can be analysed for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.” The first boats are already equipped with data loggers, enabling MTU and Navigazione Laghi to jointly monitor the performance of the engines. Personnel from MTU Italia are called out to support the ferry service as soon as information is reported by the smartphone app and can thus prevent downtime.

Communiqué de MTU, septembre 2018


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