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Increased demand for marine lubricants in the Asia-Pacific region has underpinned the growth of Total Lubmarine’s Hong Kong office which this year celebrates 25 years of service to ship operators across the region. Today, Asia represents more than 50% of Total’s lubricants sales across all segments. Total Lubmarine’s Hong Kong office is a key part of the company’s Asian infrastructure.The company’s Hong Kong story began in 1990 when Elf Lubricant Hong Kong Ltd was established as Lubmarine’s head office for the Asia-Pacific region with four staff providing marine lubricants and services to customers in Hong Kong and China.25 years later the company, now named Total Lubricants Hong Kong Ltd, has become a leading supplier of marine lubricants to twelve countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with over 70 Total Lubmarine staff based in five offices, six partner organisations, 10 blending plants and more than 350 delivery ports. In July Total opened Tuas, Singapore, its largest ever lubricant plant with an annual production capacity of 310,000 tons.Andrew Knox, Total Lubmarine Asia-Pacific General Manager said:“In 25 years Total Lubmarine has become a firm leader in the Asia-Pacific marine lubricants business. We consistently deliver large volumes of quality marine lubricants and at the same time maintain high levels of safety and service. Growth in manpower has been matched by growth in reputation and we will continue to strive to become the ‘go-to’ Asia-Pacific lubricants provider.”  In November 2015 Total Lubmarine increased its Hong Kong barge capacity by replacing Marine Excellence with a larger barge, Gold Marine Pride.  Total Lubmarine also plays an active role in supporting the seafaring community calling at the Port of Hong Kong, sponsoring the Mission to Seafarers.Total Lubmarine has established a strong commercial presence in the Asia-Pacific region and is able to provide excellent marine lubricants and services to ships passing through or based in the area. In 2014 there were over 27,000 international cargo vessel calls at the Port of Hong Kong.

Communiqué de Total Lubmarine, 3/12/15

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