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L’Orange - the leading German manufacturer of injection technology - has introduced a new range of high performance and efficient turbochargers for large industrial diesel engines used in the marine, offshore, industrial, power plant and rail sectors.


This gives customers a single solution to engine performance only for diesel but also for gas and dual fuel engines according to Olav Altmann, Head of Sales at L’Orange.

“High performance, low consumption, reduced emissions and good interaction between all units even under highly transient engine operation conditions – the requirements placed on engines are almost identical everywhere and they are increasing steadily. A single component cannot entirely address them, whereas harmonised systems can. Thanks to the turbocharger’s diverse product family, we can meet different customers' needs without compromising on performance or efficiency.” Since the turbochargers and other L’Orange components are perfectly matched, they can be superbly integrated into the engine’s overall package.”


Users of large diesel engines are constantly looking for reliability, engine efficiency, safety and performance and the introduction of these latest L’Orange turbochargers offers customers a comprehensive solution from a single source. The ZR range fills a significant gap in the market for those needing high performance upgrades for large diesel engines. By developing turbochargers that work as part of a harmonized system the needs of a wide variety of industrial customers can be met. The new ZR turbocharger range is the result of a collaborative effort between L’Orange and MTU Friedrichshafen and provides high system compatibility saving customers time and money in engine development and ongoing operations.


Adding turbochargers increases the engine power and the efficiency of the combustion process. With the drive of the compressor coming from the engine’s own exhaust gas, the energy of the exhaust gas is used and the necessary power for the charge exchange coming from the engine is reduced. This effect increases the efficiency of the engine further on. The L’Orange ZR range turbochargers differ in the size of the compressors and turbine wheels, pressure ratio and volume flows and are specifically targeted at off-highway applications, industrial and power plants with high-speed diesel, gas and dual fuel engines. Depending on the customer needs L’Orange offers ZR turbochargers for engines typically from 500 kW to 10.000 kW.


The new L’Orange ZR turbochargers are matched to customer engines in order to deliver performance over the entire range of engine specifications. To cope with conditions at sea and at altitudes of 4,000 meters, as well as at low and extremely high exterior temperatures, the turbo units have sealing and bearing points that are thermally isolated and can also be water-cooled if needed. The new range offers reduced consumption due to cutting-edge compressor and turbine designs with maximum power densities thanks to high pressure ratios.

Communiqué de L'Orange, 19/1/2017

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