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URAG, the leading German port and offshore towage provider based in Bremerhaven, has placed an order for two Damen ASD 2411 tugs. The contract was signed at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg. This contract follows an order placed in September 2013 for an identical vessel which is under management by Lütgens & Reimers (L&R) in Hamburg. L&R is an affiliated company of URAG, both being part of the LINNHOFF Schiffahrt Group. 
The initial vessel, named Prompt, was ready for delivery within three months of the contract being signed and it was the positive experience with her that lead to the order from URAG.
Highly manoeuvrable in restricted waters
According to Damen, the ASD 2411 is a modern, state-of-the-art tug with excellent manoeuvrability and outstanding towing capabilities. At 24.5 metres its size makes it ideal for restricted waterways as well as open water assignments. It has a bollard pull of 70+ tonnes and is built for durability, with a proven design and the highest standards of quality. Extra thick plate is used in the construction, along with extra brackets and fendering. It is designed to be highly economic in terms of both low fuel consumption and operating costs due to its reliability and rugged build.
Damen has delivered ASD Tugs 2411 all over the world. Both newbuilds, like the Prompt, will be built and outfitted according to the customer’s requirements at Damen’s partner yard in Vietnam, before being delivered to Germany in early 2015. 
URAG has been in business for over 120 years and currently operates a fleet of 17 harbour and offshore tugs. Damen is delighted to be working with these two, highly experienced towage and salvage companies and is confident that these latest additions to their fleets will give long and productive service.
Communiqué de presse de Damen - 17/09/14

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