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Air France KLM: des offres pour les professionnels des énergies renouvelables


For years,  Air France and KLM  have  been highly dedicated to the global maritime industry, with focus on seamans travel . Special attention and development of solutions that have supported the marine crewing industry have put Air France KLM in to its leading  global position.

In recent years these specialist concepts have been expanded to also cover specialist travel to offshore installations within the oil and gas industry.  

As a new initiative and general recognition that alternative renewable energy projects  are increasingly  going to play an important role on the future energy scene, Air France KLM has now expanded their eligibility of travel, besides OIL & GAS,  to cover the following business segments, under one tag:  “Green Energy” for the following category of projects:


Wave Power






Not only for OFFSHORE projects, but also ONSHORE, with eligibility for technical and duty travellers following a simple set of rules. It is important to note, that this eligibility also cover sub contractors.

So what makes these fares so special, set aside that they are rather competitive on the pricing and only distributed through specialist travel agencies, such as ATPI Griffinstone, the tickets are available as ONE WAY, FULLY FLEXIBLE, FULLY REFUNDABLE, EXPANDED LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE, in other words, a specialist ticket that allows for a greater level of easy planning for the traveller and high priority from the airline.


Communiqué de Air France et KLM, 26/09/2016