Marine Marchande

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DNV GL publie un rapport sur le passage aux normes Marpol 6 en zone SECA

Marine Marchande

Stricter limitations on sulphur emissions (SOx) will pose many challenges to ships operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs). If not handled with care, switching from Heavy Fuel Oil to Marine Gas Oil can put equipment at risk and increase operational costs. In the new publication “Sulphur Limits 2015 – Guidelines to ensure Compliance”, DNV GL experts provide a general overview the regulatory background, describe potential difficulties associated with the fuel change-over procedure and discuss which technologies can best help vessels fulfil the new requirements. Furthermore, DNV GL has developed a ship-specific Fuel Change-Over Calculator (FCO) to help shipowners and operators determine the ideal parameters for their vessel’s fuel change-over.

Ships operating in an ECA will have to use fuel that does not contain more than 0.10% sulphur (MARPOL Annex VI) fro

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