Falcon 2000


Falcon 2000


France is one of the few countries to operate several types of maritime patrol aircraft, namely the Atlantique 2 and the Falcon 200 and 50M. In response to emerging needs, Dassault Aviation now offers a new type based on the Falcon 2000 business twin-jet with a range of around 4000nm. For maritime surveillance, the Falcon 2000 can cover 150,000sq.nm in 8 hours using the 360° AESA radar to detect small moving targets. Other features include a retractable FLIR, visual observation stations and SAR gear. The sensors and communications systems are managed by the mission system (e.g. Thales Amascos), with each operator working at a multifunction console.

Japan was the first to order the new Falcon 2000 MSA in 2015 (5 aircraft). The French authorities are expected to order 13 Falcon 2000 MSAs, for 2024–30 delivery, to replace the existing Falcon fleets.

For countries requiring aircraft with an ASuW capability, the 2000 MSA can be fitted with four hardpoints with a total payload of over 2t, including anti-ship missiles.

Dassault Falcons offer greater strategic depth than turboprop MPAs as they can be on station quickly (1,500nm in 2 hours), fly high- and/or low-altitude missions, and change altitude rapidly, as required, for instance, to confirm an identification visually or deploy an air-deployable survival kit.

Designer: Dassault Aviation

- Dimensions (l x ws) (m): 20.2 x 21.4

- Weight: 19.4 t

- Engines: 2 x Pratt&Whitney PW308C

- Speed: Mach 0.8

- Range: can patrole for 6 hrs 400 nm from its base


More information in Mer et Marine Euronaval 2018 Special issue : "Naval Forces : focus on french technology"