Construction Navale

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Fincantieri va fournir des équipements pour le réacteur ITER

Construction Navale

Fincantieri has been awarded a prestigious order, worth almost 100 million euros, for a number of high-profile equipment furniture and installations as part of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), a project aimed at building an experimental nuclear fusion reactor, first of this kind, and acknowledged as one of the most ambitious initiatives in the world in the renewable energies field.

A temporary consortium has been established for the execution of the activities. It includes Fincantieri itself as the main contractor, its subsidiary Fincantieri SI, active in the field of plant design and industrial electrical, electronic and electromechanical components, Delta-ti Impianti, specialized in mechanical plant engineering, and Comes, specialized in electrical plant engineering.

ITER Organization is the supranational body, headquartered in France, participated and funded by the European Union,