Marine Marchande

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Grimaldi augmente ses capacités de transports entre l'Italie et la Grèce pour la saison

Marine Marchande

The Grimaldi Group announces the enhancement of its maritime connections between Italy and Greece. Starting from the 11th of June, the ro/pax vessel Venezia will be deployed on the Venice-Igoumenitsa-Patras line, guaranteeing an increased transport capacity for both freight and passengers between the two countries.

The modern ferry Venezia, flying the Italian flag, has a carrying capacity of 2,250 linear meters, corresponding to about 130 trucks, as well as 1,000 passengers and 200 cars. It has 96 internal and external cabins, all with air conditioning and private services, 147 reclining seats, as well as a self-service restaurant and two bars.

The Venice-Igoumenitsa-Patras ro/pax service will have a biweekly frequency, departing every Wednesday and Saturday from Venice and sailing on Monday and Thursday from Patras and on Tuesday and Friday from Igoumenitsa to Italy. It