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Hambourg : Légère augmentation du volume au 3ème trimestre

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Throughput volume growth of 0.3 percent in the first three quarters of 2016 / Seaport-hinterland rail transport achieves 3.1 percent advance

At 104.9 million tons, total seaborne cargo throughput for the first three quarters of 2016, covering general and bulk cargo segments, was 0.3 percent up on the previous year. “Seaborne cargo throughput in the Port of Hamburg has stabilized and for the first three quarters of 2016 again increased. Seen separately, the third quarter with a 2.7 percent upturn to 34.7 million tons underlines the upwards trend. Both general and bulk cargo volumes developed positively for Germany’s largest universal port,” said Axel Mattern, Joint CEO of Port of Hamburg Marketing. The successful trend for seaport-hinterland rail transport was also maintained. “By comparison with other leading European ports, in the first three quarters of 2016 Hamburg further expanded freight volumes transported by rail. Transporting 35.5 million tons of freight and 1.8 million TEU, representing gains of 3.1 percent and 1.9 percent, rail once again achieved a substantial advance,” reported Ingo Egloff, Joint CEO of Port of Marketing. 

In the first nine months of the year container throughput as a whole remained almost at the previous year’s level. Whereas containerized cargo volume advanced 0.4 percent to 69.3 million tons, at 6.7 million TEU the number of boxes handled was down just 0.1 percent, or almost unchanged. The container traffic with Asia that is especially important for the Port of Hamburg grew by one percent. Predominating in the Port of Hamburg,