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Les brise-glace Fennica et Nordica classés PC3

Marine Marchande

Arctia’s vessels MSV Fennica and MSV Nordica have now both received certificates of compliance with the IMO Polar Code. Both vessels now have a Polar Class 3 (PC3) class notation. They are among the very few in the world to have this high ice class notation. Arctia Offshore Ltd. is one of the first commercial operators to commit to stricter manning and training requirements, as well as decreasing the environmental footprint of vessels operating in polar areas, on its own initiative and in accordance with the Polar Code.

The Polar Code, officially the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, is an international regime adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2014. The Code sets out regulations for shipping in the world’s polar regions, principally relating to ice navigation, ship design, safety and environmental footprint. The Code has several implementation dates.

“We want to be at the forefront of safe and sustainable polar operations. By offering our dependable and certified solutions to other maritime operators and businesses active in polar waters, we support safe shipping in these demanding conditions”, says Pia Broumand, Chief Safety Officer and DPA at Arctia Ltd.

“Our MSV Fennica and MSV Nordica have extensive track records in a variety of polar operations. We are pleased to incorporate the best Arctic operating practices and comply with the Polar Code”, states Petri Aho, Senior Vice President for Offshore and Marine Services at Arctia Ltd.

Communiqué d'Arctia, janvier 2019

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