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Les ports de Gent et de Zélande envisagent de fusionner

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Ghent Port Company and Zeeland Seaports investigate merger

The Flemish Ghent Port Company and the Dutch Zeeland Seaports are taking further steps to strengthen their cooperation, with a merger as ‘a remote prospect’. In the past few months, the port authorities conducted an investigation into the opportunities and possibilities of a cooperation. They received support from the McKinsey office in executing this task. By the end of April 2017, both port authorities want to know if a merger is the best option. The investigation is for both companies a logical consequence of the already existing intense cooperation, the location, comparable size of the port areas and the strategic overlap. On Monday, November 7, 2016 both companies signed a declaration of intent to this purpose at the Ghent city hall.

It was the president of Ghent Port Company, Mathias De Clercq and the president of the Board of Commissioners of Zeeland Seaports, Roelf H. de Boer with their respective CEOs Daan Schalck and Jan Lagasse who signed the declaration of intent in the early evening. This under the supervising eye of the Flemish prime minister Geert Bourgeois and the Flemish minister of Mobility and Public works Ben Weyts and of the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and