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Rolls-Royce lance un nouveau système de gestion de l'énergie

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Rolls-Royce has launched the next generation of its Energy Management (EM) System. The system will allow customers to reduce energy usage, fuel consumption and operating costs whilst supporting environmental compliance and providing performance information that enables the ship to comply with SEEMP rules and IMO regulations.

The Energy Management System offers customers a more data-driven performance management and decision making approach. This will give an enhanced ability to monitor the performance of an individual vessel or a fleet. It can also increase crew awareness of individual ship performance and encourage healthy vessel-to-vessel benchmarking and competition, improving the performance of a specific vessel through the propagation of best operating practices.

The system can be easily retrofitted and is also customisable to meet specific customer needs. It is suitable for a wide range of vessels, particularly those using large quantities of fuel. For example ferries, cruise and ropax ships, offshore vessels, fishing vessels and cargo ships. 

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