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WSS a intégré le fabricant de cordage Timm

Marine Marchande

When Wilhelmsen Ship Services decided in 2015 to add ropemaker Timm Marine A/S and its 243 years of rope making history to their portfolio, Timm felt they couldn’t have found a better buyer.

And when the Timm team moved into their new home with Wilhelmsen Ship Services (WSS) at the Wilhelmsen offices on the pier just outside Oslo, they felt like they were being welcomed into the family. “Everyone in Timm continued in WSS,” says Product Marketing Manager for ropes Veronika Aspelund, a 12 year Timm employee, now completing her first year with WSS.

WSS was equally enthusiastic about Timm. Danny Ingemann, Business Director Marine Products in WSS had this to say: “Ropes are an integral part of the maritime industry, and the segment was identified as a priority in the WSS Marine Product growth plan. Timm A/S quickly came out as a strong candidate with a relatively standardised portfolio and a well-positioned brand for both conventional and high-tech ropes. With Timm ropes and skilled employees now fully integrated in WSS, we are set to grow the business together.”

Timm was originally founded in Oslo as Christiania Reeperbane in 1772, and was run by the Torgensen family for two generations. In 1857, sailmaker and partner William Timm acquired the firm and renamed it Timms Reperbane. The Timm family ran the company for another two generations, navigating through the transition from sail to steam, and eventually enlisting professional management. The company transitioned again, from natural to synthetic fibres, surviving major shipping crises and moving their main production from Oslo to Slovakia in 2003.

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