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With France and Germany set to renew their maritime patrol aircraft capabilities from 2030, Airbus is developing a solution based on the A320neo twin-jet airliner. Building on solid in-house experience in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and maritime patrol aircraft like the C295 MPA it has sold to several navies, the group brought together a multidisciplinary team to develop a high-capability, high-performance aircraft meeting not only the demanding requirements of France and Germany, but also those of the international market.

Well suited to low-altitude loiter and search, the A320neo platform offers all-round agility and performance, plus high speed and long range, making it ideal for MPA mission currently flown by turboprop aircraft. It can be readily equipped with sensors and weapons for ASW and anti-ship missions or with bomb pylons to strike land targets. The design also provides for reconfiguration for other roles, including ISR. Airbus having sold several thousand aircraft in the A318-319-320 family, maintenance on the A320 MPA can be performed almost anywhere in the world. 


Designer: Airbus

- Dimensions (l x ws) (m):  37.6 x 35.8

- Weight: 79 t

- Speed: 450 kts

- Weapons: Anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, bombs


More information in Mer et Marine Euronaval 2018 Special issue : "Naval Forces : focus on french technology" 



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