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With the sale of over 90 Combattante fast attack boats to its credit, Normandy-based shipbuilder CMN has revamped the entire family which now includes models between 46 and 65 metres in length. All feature state-of-the-art equipment, including powerful self-defence, electronic warfare and combat management systems and a panoramic bridge. Nor have the new designs compromised on the qualities that made the family’s reputation, namely overall performance, reliability and competitive acquisition costs. With their high top speed, serious fire power and reduced crewing, the new-generation Combattante range is stealthier and more highly automated than ever.


156814 combattante FS 65

Combattante FS65 (© : CMN)


In late 2016, CMN unveiled a new model, the Combattante FS65. This type features a single Cmast which houses a 3D radar and other sensors, making it ideal for littoral operations against naval and air threats. The combat system includes a vertical launcher for surface-to-air missiles, a 30mm gun and close-in surface-to-air missiles. The FS56 can deploy various UAVs from its flight deck and two RHIBs, one an 8m type.

The smaller FS56, selected by a Middle Eastern navy, also features a Cmast, an effective combat system and a powerful intelligence-gathering suite.

The compact FS46 has much the same equipment as the FS56, the main differences being the calibre of the main gun and the number of anti-ship missiles. The FS46’s appeal lies in its lower cost for a vessel that nonetheless offers serious capabilities.

Combattante FS65 technical data

Dimensions (m): 65 x 9.2

Speed: 34 kts

Range: 2,500 nm at 15 kts

Accomodation: 43

Weapons: 8 x SSM – 6 x SAM (VLS) – 1 x 76 mm – 1 x 30 mm

Electronic systems: 3D radar


156815 combattante FS 65

Combattante FS65 (© : CMN)


Combattante FS56 technical data

Dimensions (m): 56 x 8.2

Speed: 38 kts

Range: 2,500 nm at 15 kts

Accomodation: 32

Weapons: 8 x SSM – Short-range SAM or 1 x 40 mm – 1 x 76 mm – 2 x 20 mm

Electronic systems: 2D or 3D radar


94836 combattante FS56

Combattante FS56 (© : CMN)


Combattante FS46 technical data

Dimensions (m): 46 x 7.5

Speed:+35 kts

Range: 2,000 nm at 15 kts

Accomodation: 30

Weapons: 4 x SSM – Short-range SAM or 1 x 40 mm – 1 x 40 mm – 2 x 30 mm

Electronic systems: 2D radar


93468 combattante fs46

Combattante FS46 (© : CMN)

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