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As at-sea activities continue to expand and authorities face growing challenges like mass illegal immigration, navies and coastguards need new multipurpose vessels for a wide range of tasks, including search and rescue. CMN’s CGuard 50 was initially designed primarily for rescue missions, but also as a conventional patrol boat. With good endurance and excellent stability even in high seas and winds, this rugged economical design features a panoramic bridge and a forward deck and bow offering improved visibility and deck protection. The forward helicopter winching doubles as a UAV pad. A reconnaissance UAV greatly increases the vessel’s surveillance and information gathering capabilities, enabling it to cover larger areas that might otherwise be considered dangerous or inaccessible. The aft flight deck can handle helicopters up to 4.5 tonnes.




The CGuard 50 is also equipped for firefighting and spill cleanup operations. A large modular area aft offers space for a pair of 6.8m RHIBs, two rescue zones and two mission containers. In addition to a well-equipped multi-bed sick bay and two large multipurpose rooms (complete with toilets) that can be readily modified for use as dormitories, holding zones or work areas, the ship offers comfortable accommodation for 20 passengers. Maximum capacity for short rescue missions is in excess of 450 people.

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