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Le groupe italien annonce la création de Fincantieri Australia. Cette nouvelle filiale a pour objectif de soutenir le développement des activités du groupe italien en Australie, en particulier dans le cadre de la compétition pour le choix du design des futures frégates de la Royal Australian Navy. Dans ce cadre de ce projet, Fincantieri propose une adaptation de la FREMM de la Marina militare.

Voici le communiqué du groupe italien :


Trieste, 16 December 2016 – Fincantieri, one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups and short-listed by the Australian Government to bid to design and build nine, new frigates for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), has established its local company, Fincantieri Australia, and will open a new Australian headquarters in Canberra soon.

Mr Dario Deste has been designated Chairman of Fincantieri Australia and he will be supported by former Rear Admiral, Mr Mark Purcell (biographical notes of both below).

Mr Deste said Fincantieri Australia will now manage the important phase of the shipbuilder’s participation in the competitive evaluation process for the SEA 5000 Future Frigates programme.

Fincantieri’s commitment to this project will be total and we will deploy all of the company’s strengths as a market leader.

“The FREMM Frigate we are offering is an absolute cutting-edge product.

“The company will engage with Government, businesses involved in the Australian shipbuilding industry and the supply chain, and other key players with a stake in the construction of the frigates in Adelaide, South Australia.

“Fincantieri Australia will be resourced with senior technical and other personnel recruited locally in Australia and drawn from Fincantieri’s global network of naval ship building executives.

“We are very happy with the team assembled so far and all of the people who will take part in with the team assembled so far and all of the people who will take part in bidding for this significant naval project will have an important role.

I make particular mention of former Rear Admiral Mark Purcell, who has joined the team and whose experience will certainly be a very significant point of strength for Fincantieri”, Mr Deste said.


He was born in Rome, Italy on May 16, 1960. He is married with a daughter and two sons. He attended the Italian Naval Academy in Livorno (1979-1983).

At the end of 1983, he was selected to participate in the United States Naval Aviation Program. He became a Naval Aviator - both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft - in 1985.

He served as an Italian naval pilot on board various ships and naval bases. He was also deployed abroad for an extensive period of time to participate in principal NATO operations.

In 1991, he began his executive career in private industry where he held senior roles in Italy and abroad with major industrial groups such as Fiat, Beretta and Finmeccanica.

In 2007, he joined Fincantieri and is currently Chief Executive Officer of Fincantieri Marine Systems North America, subsidiary of Fincantieri in the United States.


He holds Masters degrees in Business, Science and Defence Studies, is a Fellow and Chartered Engineer of both The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and Engineers Australia, and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He served the Royal Australian Navy for thirty years. He was a Rear Admiral and served as the Head of Maritime Systems with the Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG).

Mark Purcell was designated Senior Vice President of Fincantieri Australia after completing a post separation period of 12 months from his former position at CASG.


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