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EURO – MCM: The Leading European Consortium for Mine Countermeasures'

Navies have a bold vision for future Mine Countermeasures (MCM) operations using unmanned systems. A future unmanned MCM system of systems capability must provide safe operations, highest clearance rates with confidence and the ability to counter new threats. iXBlue SAS and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK (UK & GmbH) share this vision and offer a “new team to a new future” of transformational change in international MCM concepts and doctrine.

Lean, agile and engineering orientated, we have formed a consortium that is focused on delivering MCM capability effectively and affordably. Our unmanned MCM solutions are modular with an open systems architecture which maximises the potential for mission module exchange, component reuse and new system insertion. It brings together proven world leading iXBlue and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group products with a track record of system integration and support.

Our unmanned MCM solutions are designed to defeat the mine threats from very shallow to deep water. Both mine hunting and mine sweeping operations are conducted securely and safely at a stand-off distance from the command and control station in high sea states and strong water currents.

Our unmanned MCM solutions are cost effective, maintainable, scalable and ITAR free. For further information about this “new team to a new future” please come to the iXBlue Stand F64 and the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK stand F52.


Communiqué d'Atlas Elektronic et iXBlue à l'occasion d'Euronaval

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