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Less than 29 months after cutting the first steel for the first Gowind 2500 corvette at its Lorient shipyard, Naval Group (ex-DCNS) delivered the Elfateh to the Egyptian Navy on 22 September. The Elfateh is the first of four Gowind 2500s on order for Egypt. Whereas the first of class was built in France the other three will be built in Alexandria under a technology transfer agreement with French technical assistance.


174974 corvette egyptienne gwind elfateh

Elfateh delivery ceremony (© Naval Group)


This delivery marks Naval Group’s return to the international marketplace as a supplier of heavily-armed corvettes. In addition to the four Gowind 2500s for Egypt, the group has sold six Gowind derivatives to Malaysia. The first Gowind, the Maharaja Lela, was floated out of its assembly hall in late August and will enter active service in 2018. The other five in this series are under construction under a technology transfer agreement at the Boustead shipyard at Lumut, north-west of the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

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174981 corvette egyptienne gwind elfateh

(© Naval Group)


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