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Raidco Marine has unveiled a new design concept for a logistic support vessel designated BSL 95. This simple, rugged ship is an economical solution that bridges the gap between landing helicopter docks and smaller amphibious craft that lack blue water capabilities. The concept’s inherent versatility ensures its suitability for conventional military projection or special forces operations; command, logistic support and transportation roles; also public service, sovereignty and representation missions. Like the larger LHDs, the concept is also ideal for humanitarian and training missions with spaces accommodating up to 15 trainees and five instructors.

The BSL 95 offers vast operational and command areas, excellent manoeuvrability thanks to twin propeller shafts and twin bow thrusters, a high maximum speed, and good endurance (20 days). The concept and the choice of organic equipment are guided by two priorities: to facilitate crew maintenance and ensure maximum at-sea availability.


156795 raidco bsl 95

BSL 95 (© : Raidco Marine)


The ship is sized to project an infantry company of 150 on a long-range mission (4,500nm), including seven days’ support (50 tonnes of food, equipment and munitions) or a group of 500 on a short-range mission (say 500nm). With 300sq.m of deck space for cargo, the design offers a payload of 40 Nato pallets, plus 100 cubic metres each of fresh water and diesel fuel, in addition to storage for the ship’s own needs. The 600sq.m garage deck can accommodate vehicles or twenty 20-foot containers. For a military operation, the vehicles might include: 6 Bastion-type 6x6 armoured vehicles, 8 VLRA-type 4x4 tactical trucks and 6 ATLV-type 4x4 pickups.

Capabilities include roll-on/roll-off loading and unloading without outside support using the aft or forward starboard ramps or the ship’s two LCVP-type personnel vehicle landing craft and RHIBs, each LCVP carrying up to 35 soldiers or a 4t vehicle.

The BSL 95 also has the fire power to support disembarked troops thanks to various guns and an 81mm mortar. The ship has its own hospital and can provide logistic support for humanitarian missions by transporting earthmoving machinery, ambulances, food and medical supplies and freshwater production units, etc.


BSL 95 technical data

Displacement: 3,500t

Dimensions (m): 95.8 x 17 x 3.8

Speed: 17 kts

Range: 4,500 nm at 15 kts

Accomodation: 37 (+500)

Weapons: 1 x 30 mm – 4 x 12.7 mm - 1 x 81 mm Mortar - 1 helicopter (13 t)

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