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Recent signing of the extension of the French-German industrial “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) on Deep Sea Mining activities. In 2015, Germany signed two MoUs with France at the biennial “National Maritime Conference”. The two partners expressed their intent to cooperate with industrial and governmental partners to explore and mine resources of raw materials from the deep sea.

The cooperation was focused on the exchange of complementary scientific and technological knowledge and expertise. On the industrial side, the MoU was signed between the Deep Sea Mining Working Group of the “French Maritime Cluster”, and the German “DeepSea Mining Alliance”. On the governmental side, high representatives of the French and German “Ministries for Economic Affairs” signed the second (governmental) MoU. Both MoUs were limited to a period of two years and therefore ended in October 2017. These MoU facilitated further bilateral R&D projects and participation in EU Calls while strengthening stakeholder’s intensive activities and discussions with both governments. Based on these two years’ successful outcomes, the industrial MoU-partners recently decided to continue their joint cooperation on R&D and strategic management activities on deep-sea mining. Exploration of the deep seabed will be one of the major challenges of the 21st century. The signatories of the agreement undertake to make every effort to better co-operate, understand and facilitate the technical, academic, scientific, environmental and economic conditions of future operations. The first goal is the preparation and execution of joint collaborative tests in the available ISA license areas from both countries in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean, or in the French EEZ. The extension of the French and German industrial MoU was signed by both partners on Wednesday, 29th of November 2017 in Munich.

Communiqué du CMF, 6/12/2017

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