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Open Ocean, pioneer in Marine Data Intelligence, launched in 2015 Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean studies on-demand. Metocean Analytics was chosen by DCNS Energies, a brand new subsidiary of the DCNS company, for the analysis of metocean historical conditions at numerous potential sites of interest around the world.

DCNS Energies is a leader of the marine renewable energy sector, being involved in tidal energy, floating offshore wind and ocean thermal energy conversion technology development. Moreover, DCNS Energies plays also an active role in the offshore project developments that involve their technologies.

Metocean Analytics simplifies and accelerates the analysis process for offshore development sites providing average metocean conditions, as well as extreme value analysis and operating weather windows. This is possible thanks to a large catalogue of wind, wave, ocean current and sea temperature data, coupled with statistical tools analyzing precisely the locations of interest, and an editing tool providing reports on-demand. These are the reasons why DCNS has chosen Open Ocean and Metocean Analytics to optimize the implementation and profitability of its offshore projects.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by DCNS Energies, a major actor of the marine renewable energy industry. Metocean Analytics will help DCNS Energies save time and reduce its costs in analyzing the match between their technologies and numerous offshore sites around the world. The swift statistical calculations and the easily accessible data make of Metocean Analytics a disruptive offer that will support many companies in working faster and better.” explains Jerome Cuny, co-founder of Open Ocean.

Communiqué de DCNS Energies, 14/03/2017


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