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Making the most of last week’s favourable weather conditions, Belgian operator Deme set up the foundation for the Q34 substation at the site selected for the Rentel windfarm off Zeebrugge, Belgium. The leading role was played by Deme’s DP2 Innovation heavy-lift jack-up vessel, which took just 72 hours to do its job.

The topside that will house the substation proper is under construction at STX France’s Saint-Nazaire shipyard. This all-steel structure, assembled in the Netherlands, is 78 metres in length by 8m in diameter. A so-called ‘transition piece’ being built in Spain will be placed between the monopile foundation and the topside. The transition piece is 28m high and weighs around 750t. The foundation also comprises a 250-tonne J-tube cage to protect the infield power cables linking the wind turbines to the substation.


174774 q34 eolien offshore

(© STX France)


The topside, which is scheduled to leave Saint-Nazaire this winter, will have a power rating of 309MW. It will measure 32m x 17m x 20m for an all-up weight of around 1200t and will be shipped to the windfarm by barge and set up in early 2018.

STX France is responsible for the design, construction and installation of the Q34 substation under an EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction and installation) contract signed in early 2016 with the Otary consortium, the Rentel prime contractor. The windfarm will comprise 42 Siemens wind turbines, each generating 7MW. The project represents an investment of around €1.2 billion for a capacity corresponding to the consumption of 288,000 households.

Original by Vincent Groizeleau, translated and adapted by Steve Dyson


159266 sous station rentel

Computer graphic of the Q34 substation and the Rentel windfarm (© STX France)

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