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With effect from the 1st of April 2017, KotugSmit commenced towage activities with four powerful tugs in the port of Southampton, United Kingdom. The tugs ‘ZP Boxer’ and ‘SD Salvor’ performed their ‘first’ assistance on the River Test. The container vessel ‘MOL Brilliance’ was towed to the DP World Container Terminal in Southampton. Thanks to a warm welcome and in close cooperation with the local port authorities and pilots, KotugSmit’s dedicated crew was able to prepare for the operations and to get well familiarized with the port and local area. This cooperation underlines KotugSmit’s principle that harbour towage is all about professional cooperation between all people involved. In Southampton, KotugSmit currently operates a fleet of four powerful and modern tugs with bollard pull ranging from 60 - 95 tons. The selected tugs have been chosen for their outstanding capabilities, manoeuvrability and performance. Following the needs and requests of many of its valued customers, KotugSmit studied the market requirements in Southampton, and concluded that this port is another stepping stone towards further expansion within the United Kingdom. Southampton is considered as a fitting complement to the company’s tailored towage services in London and Liverpool and will further strengthen its service portfolio in the UK. With the start-up of this new operation in Southampton, KotugSmit also expresses its commitment and adaptability to follow its customers’ business and to encourage further growth and development in the Port of Southampton in cooperation with the local authorities and all stakeholders. 

Communiqué de Kotug, 02/04/2017

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