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Gibdock has once more vindicated its reputation for delivering maintenance and repair services on time and to the highest stands in the ro-ro and container ship markets. The Gibraltar yard has completed two projects in recent weeks that demanded ships re-entry into service without delay.

Returning customer Compagnie Maritime Nantaise (CMN) chose Gibdock’s facilities to carry an extensive package of work on its ro-ro container vessel, MN Calao, which spent 18 days in the yard last month, taking in its five-year classification survey. The 12,026 dwt, 160m long vessel, which was originally delivered by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in 2013, is a sister to the same owner’s MN Tangara, which was docked at Gibdock in June and July 2017.

For MN Calao, Gibdock was tasked with carrying out an extensive and complex paint job, covering the underwater hull and the superstructure, including the funnel and mast areas, to return the vessel to ‘as new’ condition. In addition, its two MAN B&W 7-cylinder main engines were overhauled, and the boilers cleaned, as part of a major maintenance programme that included work to the ballast water treatment plant.

During the vessel’s stay in the yard a thorough inspection of the rudder blades and steering gear was carried out and the tailshaft removed to enable new stern tube seals to be installed. The propeller itself was also refurbished and new blades were fitted. The yard also inspected all lifesaving appliances, renewing them as required.


Communiqué de Gibdock, mars 2018


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