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MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has acquired the rights for a ships efficiency software from Lekven AS to increase RoRo vessels operations efficiency and to drive port call optimisation. The contract was signed in June 2017. According to the contract, MacGregor acquires the rights for an operational efficiency software for ships, ports and adjacent activities. This software will be further developed and launched to the market during 2017. Endre Lekven, who developed the software, says: "MacGregor is very well known and a respected player in the RoRo business. They have a long experience and have pioneered many new services and solutions to the market over the years. I am very happy to join MacGregor and share my expertise from the shipping company side where I have built the software based on improving ship owner and port businesses by utilising business information. "MacGregor continues to shape the marine industry with value adding services and solutions.  This collaboration is an ideal fit to MacGregor offering as part of our strategy is to support RoRo ship owners and operators to improve their existing and future fleet efficiency by eliminating inefficiencies for smarter cargo handling," says Magnus Sjöberg, Vice President, RoRo Division,  MacGregor. "We are now first focusing on improving logistics efficiency of PCTCs and minimising their waiting time." "According to our strategy, we focus on widening our digital offering portfolio, and ships efficiency software is a natural addition to it. This business intelligence software is first of its kind in the market. It is easy to operate and has clear interfaces and reports," says Alexander Nürnberg, Senior Vice President, R&D and Technology, MacGregor. "The software has had a 15 months trial with a global PCTC ship owner/operator in European ports, showing very positive results," he continues.

Communiqué de MacGregor, 29/08/2017 

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