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Evergas is very pleased to announce that the first 85.000cbm VLEC was successfully undocked in China and will be delivered in the first quarter of 2019. Following the successful undocking of the first VLEC, the steel cutting of the second vessel was celebrated in the workshop of the leading Chinese shipyard, DSIC and shows our strong commitment to the emerging ethane transportation market. These two VLECs will be delivered to INEOS Trading & Shipping to add to their existing fleet of eight Dragon class vessels, which will enable INEOS to grow their global ethane delivery capability. These VLECs will be managed commercially and operationally in-house by Evergas, a leading first-class operator within the transportation of liquefied gas ensuring safe and flexible operations for its range of customers.

With the insight to the market, innovative technical solution and strong belief in Chinese manufacturing capacity, JACCAR, EVERGAS and our partners dare to be the first to make things happen. JACCAR and EVERGAS are dedicated to build the “Maritime Gas Silk Road” which will provide the maritime midstream comprehensive solution for trade & transportation service, bridging the resource in US and demand in China. Ethane is used to make ethylene - one of the world’s most important chemical building blocks. Ethylene is an important raw material used to make products for a wide variety of industrial and consumer markets such as transportation, electronics, textile and construction.

Communiqué de Jaccar et Evergas, juillet 2018

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