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RINA Services and the Asian Classification Society (ACS) recently classified the first two general cargo ships at 15,000 GT owned by IRISL, a major shipping company in Iran. This dual classification is the result of a partnership signed with the Tehran-based ACS shortly after sanctions in Iran were lifted. RINA Services’ marine classification in this area reflects Italy’s strong commitment to forging long-standing relationships with countries in the Middle East and now in Iran in particular. “All classification societies are trying to enter the Iranian market. Our recent partnership with the ACS was a strategic move that has proved successful in expanding our local reach and classification expertise in the area,” said Andrea Di Bella, Area Manager, RINA Services in the Middle East. RINA Services’ partnership with the ACS aims to support the company’s testing, inspection, classification and certification services in Iran in all four areas of its business: marine, energy, infrastructure and transport and business assurance.

A large number of IRISL’s trading routes are along the Far East, Middle East, Mediterranean and Europe. These are regions in which RINA has developed a very strong network and high level of expertise fostering future opportunities with IRISL, in Iran and other regions.

RINA Services currently has an overall fleet of over 5425 classed ships.

RINA opened an office in January in Teheran through which the Group will deliver its services to the oil & gas, power generation, infrastructure, railway and business assurance sectors. Over the next year RINA plans to further strengthen its presence in Iran and the Middle East, building on its growing reputation as it expands into new markets.


Communiqué de Rina, 24/3/16

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