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Total Lubmarine is introducing a new feed rate optimization program tailored for the latest generation of two stroke marine diesel engines through the combined and regular analysis of lube, drain and system oils. 

The global marine lubricant supplier has launched the service in response to customers who are increasingly requiring a more sophisticated approach to long-term engine maintenance through ongoing monitoring activities. The program is designed to give ship operators a complete and ongoing picture of the condition of their engines to prevent corrosion and wear as well as deliver reduced levels of lube consumption and operating expenses.

“This service goes well beyond spot testing and allows each customer to anticipate any future problems as well as create a unique engine specific lubricant strategy under the guidance of our skilled engineers,” said Total Lubmarine OEM Relationships Manager Nikolaos Kotakis. “All OEM guidelines recommend careful engine monitoring, and our sophisticated intelligence-led approach allows for the most prudent management of two stroke marine engines possible.”The new service will consist of a regular analysis of drain and system oil by Total Lubmarine engineers and will be combined with Total Lubmarine’s Diagomar Plus laboratory based lube oil analysis which examines residual BN, kinematic viscosity, insolubles, water content, PQ index, oxidation, iron and other metal content. Customers are provided with bespoke insights through regular engine specific reports.Nikolaos Kotakis added:

“Achieving the right levels two stroke engine cylinder lubrication is about combining many different operating parameters under the guidance of a lube expert. Modern engines are particularly sensitive to corrosive wear and both under and over lubrication can cause expensive damage. We believe that our new service will be a significant step forward for customers needing better engine monitoring support and lube oil consumption advice.” Total Lubmarine Marketing Director Serge Dal Farra, speaking today at the European Marine Engineering Conference in Amsterdam, said: “We believe this new service will significantly help our customers both better monitor their engines and at the same time help them to adjust their lube oil consumption prudently.’’The service is currently being trialed onboard a range of ships with a full roll-out expected this summer.

Communiqué de Total Lumarine, 25/04/2017

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