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Oceanic Yachts - the exciting new line of explorer vessels has the pleasure to release hull #1 Oceanic Yachts 90 STS MY/ Tsa Tsa - in straight shaft version – detail of its sea trials.

The concept architecture of the underwater part of the hull of the Oceanic 90' was a challenge in itself. Despite the numerous tank tests Oceanic Yachts did at the "INSEAN", the Rome tank testing facility and the very positive results they obtained, the actual scale one results were beyond expectations. The goal was to find a hull design that would allow to reduce the buoyancy of the aft part of the hull but that would also allow for very low speed planing as well as a top end speed at least similar to most motor yachts this size.

Oceanic Yachts managing director, Michel Karsenti, refers: “I must say we achieved all our goals. We wanted to reduce buoyancy aft to be able to run the boat at low speed with the handling that would be as close as possible to a typical displacement hull”.

Below 15 knots, the balance of the hull is similar to a heavy displacement boat, which reduces the bouncing every planning hull suffers at slow speed. By staying perfectly flat, the boat benefits from a longer running surface that allows the boat to run with minimal kW needs. At 8 knots, the Oceanic 90' burns just under 40 liters of diesel for both engines, while at 10 knots, the consumption is 70 liters.

The under water exhaust positioned just before the second step of the hull allow to run on plane as slow as 16.5 knots, which is a true achievement.

The first Oceanic 90' was overbuilt but still runs at 22 knots cruising and can reach 26.8 knots at full speed with 2/3 load (record in Cannes during the Cannes Yachting Festival 2014)

“The production series will be built with an entire Kevlar superstructure that will reduce the weight, lower the center of gravity, and we are confident we will then be able to reach 23 knots cruising speed and more than 27 knots top speed”, ends Karsenti.


Communiqué d'Oceanic Yachts


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