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iXBlue, a global leader in navigation, positioning and imaging solutions, has been selected by Subsea Technology and Rentals Ltd (STR) to continue supporting STR’s customers’ objectives with its cutting edge technology. STR, which prides itself on delivering integrated, forward thinking technology, recognised RAMSES as an ideal solution to deliver the highest precision navigation and smooth, drift free positioning for a range of subsea operations whilst offering significant time savings over alternative solutions.

iXBlue’s RAMSES is a self-contained system that can operate either as a stand-alone positioning solution or in conjunction with iXBlue Inertial Navigation Systems to provide sparse array functionality. Requiring no top-side components, RAMSES can be quickly and easily deployed in new or existing fields, operating with either iXBlue or third-party transponders.

Scott Johnstone, STR’s Managing Director, stated: “STR are keen to develop partnerships with suppliers like iXBlue who are capable of offering the highest level of products, service and knowledge to help us support our clients across the globe. RAMSES will enhance our ability to provide advanced technology fast and we look forward to introducing it to our clients.”

Brook Rodger, Regional Sales Manager for iXBlue, commented: “We are very proud of our high quality and world leading technology and are extremely grateful that STR continue to place their trust in our equipment to achieve their goals.”

STR have already received delivery of the RAMSES technology, are fully trained and ready to support their clients across the globe with immediate and simple mobilizations.

Communiqué d'iXBlue, 18/04/16




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