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Ulstein Equipment B.V. was honoured with the IRO Oil & Gas Innovation Prize for their Ulstein Colibri™, a 3D motion-compensated crane add-on system for the purpose of increasing vessel operability. This will enable smaller and more cost-effective vessels to be used in harsher weather conditions.

On Thursday 3 December 2015 the biannual IRO Oil & Gas Innovation Event took place at ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. During this event three pre-selected companies presented their innovations and competed for the IRO Innovation Prize. The event participants voted Ulstein Equipment as winner with their Ulstein Colibri™.Mastering motionsThe Ulstein Colibri™ is mounted on the tip of a crane. This compact crane add-on system can be mounted on standard cranes, either new build or retrofit. The system is suitable to serve both the offshore wind energy industry as well as the oil and gas markets.

3D motion-compensation technology is not new to the industry and has enabled greater operability for personnel transfer between vessels and fixed offshore platforms through the use of motion-compensated gangways. Operations typically require both personnel and items to be transferred between vessel and platform.The next natural step in increased operability is therefore motion-compensated cargo transfer to match the increased operability offered by compensated gangways.

Ulstein Equipment was also awarded the IRO Innovation Prize in 2013 for their Chain-Type Stinger Handling System.


Communiqué d'Ulstein, 7/12/15

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