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MAN Diesel & Turbo has received an order for an MAN 8L32/44CR engine to power a newbuilding trawler for Fishermen’s Finest, the US fishing concern. The 32/44CR engine order is significant on two counts in that it represents the first CR engine sold to the American fishing segment that is fully US EPA Tier II-compliant and is, simultaneously, a first reference for MAN Diesel & Turbo in the important, domestic fishing industry.

Helena Park, CEO Fishermen’s Finest, said: "I am impressed with the technological advantages the MAN 8L32/44CR common-rail diesel engine will give our eco-trawler, ‘M/S America's Finest’. Robert Burger, Managing Director – MAN Diesel & Turbo, USA, said: “Fishermen’s Finest aims to be a leader in the competitive US fishing industry and habitually employs the latest technology to improve the productivity of its fleet. In ordering our four-stroke engine, it recognises the commercial advantage it can gain from our common-rail technology that is fully integrated with the engine and has best-in-class fuel efficiency accompanied by low emissions.”

The engine will have an output of 4,800kW (600kW/pr cylinder) and will be built at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Augsburg, Germany works. The prime mover is part of a propulsion package that includes:• an MAN Alpha 4–blade CP propeller type VBS 940 Mk 5 Ø 3,800 mm including an AHT high-thrust nozzle• MAN’s proprietary Sacosone common-rail engine-control system• MAN’s Alphatronic 3000 Propulsion Control System• a gearbox – power 4,800 kW, horizontal offset 950 mm, PTO 2,900 kW.

The vessel will be built at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington State, USA using an ST-116 XL design from Skipsteknisk, the independent, Norwegian naval architect and marine engineering company. Delivery of the propulsion package is scheduled for December 2015 with vessel delivery expected in November 2017.


Communiqué de MAN, 25/11/14

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