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Wärtsilä has signed a long-term Technical Management Agreement to optimise the performance of ten of the Spanish company Albacora S.A.'s fishing vessels. The 5-year agreement was tailored to meet the requirements of Albacora's fleet management, providing technical assistance and maintenance planning for fishing vessels operating around the world.

Wärtsilä has previously provided Albacora with engines and propulsion systems as well as seals and bearings. The new agreement includes monitoring of the equipment as well as yearly audits, which together provide ship condition data that serves as the basis for enhanced maintenance planning, leading to maximised availability. Wärtsilä's Contract Management supports scheduled and unscheduled maintenance planning, and field service experts are available globally should any problems occur. Spare parts are also included in the agreement.

"Albacora S.A. is looking for partners that understand our business and can offer a fast answer to technical troubles - especially unexpected ones. Fast response is essential in our business as is professional service providing reliable solutions, and we hope that the signed agreement will answer this important and basic need.  On the other hand, we place great importance in Wärtsilä knowing our vessels and their history thoroughly in order to determine future maintenance needs. Maximising the reliability and availability of our fleet is the best way to ensure profitability, and this is where we expect Wärtsilä's service expertise to bring added value," says Mr. Frank Bermeosolo, Technical Director, Albacora.

Communiqué de Wärtsilä, 12/12/2016

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