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On October 3rd and 4th 2016 in the city of Nantes, the best international experts will share their work at the Symposium Human Sea & Marisk, taking into account the latest scientific and technological progress in terms of maritime and port safety and security. Will be discussed the issues of security management, protection of offshore wind farms, IT security of ports, ships and offshore platforms...

The program, at the heart of current concerns, and first ranking speakers will guarantee high level exchanges. More than 40 experts from 11 countries have confirmed their attendance.

Michel Bernard, Director of Safety at Bourbon Offshore Surf will speak at the roundtable High Reliability Organization at sea. Benoît Journé, from a comparison with the nuclear field, will demonstrate that security is not only a technical story but must "rely on management". During the round table dedicated to IT security facilities, a panel of industry and academic experts will bring knowledge to the discussion. Christophe Claramunt will present current research for "making hermetic vessels to cyber-attacks”. Finally, Robert Clement will share his experience regarding some of the protection measures put in place in the port of Antwerp.

Many other quality debates will be presented at the two-day symposium. The titles of the first communications and summaries that will enrich the exchanges are online!

View abstracts here:

Join the major event of this year for the players of maritime and port safety and security. Registration is still open! Sign up:

Three speakers of the conference are interviewed in a special edition Human Sea & Marisk of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port Magazine:

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